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Leadership training

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Welcome to the Olympic Karate Academy!  We are the #1 martial arts studio in Burleson, TX. Our students have achieved numerous State Championships in multiple organizations and excel in their academics as well.  No other school can compare to what we have done with kids martial arts in Burleson and surrounding area. We take a no-nonsense approach to our training in both our expectations of our students and what you can expect from us in return.  

The Olympic Karate Academy is the only school in this area that is recognized by The National Karate-Do Federation, (The governing body for the U.S. Olympic committee) and we are a registered Olympic Karate Training Center. Our head instructor, Robert Yount, is also a certified official for the National Karate-Do Federation in both Kata and Kumite, as well as the marketing director for Team Texas ASO.  

Students at the Olympic Karate Academy are taught a complete black belt curriculum in the style of Burendo Karate, a hybrid system of American Karate incorporating techniques from Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan, Aikido, and boxing.  This system has proven itself in competition with our students consistently at the top of Regional, State, and National Rankings.  We require all of our students to participate in our leadership program, designed specifically to teach our students how to become leaders in life.  All of our students are taught to set and achieve goals and to be proactive in their training and their lives.  We teach accountability for their actions and compassion for others.  

There are no bench warmers at O.K,A., we take pride in making every student a success story!  We do not believe in the theory of every child gets a trophy for participation, we teach our students that they must work harder than their competitors to achieve what they desire.  Nobody rides for free.  

When you visit our school you will immediately see the difference between us and every other school.  You will see the difference in our student's abilities, attitudes, and the attention given by our Instructors.  There simply is no school in this area that can measure up to what we bring to the table.

You can also take comfort that we won't be asking you to sign a contract or pressuring you with sales gimmicks.  At O.K.A. we shoot straight and we give you far more for your dollar than you can get anywhere else.  Call or visit us today and see the Olympic Karate Academy difference for yourself.

The #1 Martial Arts Studio in Burleson

O.K.A. offers training up to four times a week for all students.  We do not charge more based on how often you attend.  We encourage our students to train as often as they are able.  We also do not lump multiple belt ranks into classes.  We pride ourselves in the individual attention and detail we devote to our students.  No getting lost in the crowd or watching your instructor pick favorites.  We have high expectations for every student and we provide full support to help them achieve those expectations.

Karate that works

We do not approach Karate as a hobby or daycare.  Karate is a way of life that will provide for success of all endeavors.  Our techniques are competition tested and proven.  Self-defense is taught in a realistic approach to real-life threats.  We do not teach techniques that will not work and we make each child demonstrate their ability to employ these techniques in a realistic setting.  The biggest disservice a school can do is to award belt rank to students that they have not earned.  All students are treated equally and individually based on their performance.

All O.K.A. students are taught real tools of leadership including: Proper planning, task management, Public Speaking, follow through from conception to fruition of goals, Community Service, and the power of positive thinking.  We teach our students to be proactive not reactive.  The leadership program is mandatory at all belt levels and it has been a huge success.  Karate is about far more than just kicks and punches.