"Winning is what we do"

Robert & Toni Yount are the owners and Head Instructors at The Olympic Karate Academy.  Both Robert and Toni are former National Karate Champions and have trained with and under some of the most respected names in the Martial Arts.

Robert and Toni currently hold 3rd and 2nd Degree Black Belts respectively under Grandmaster Raymond McCallum.  Mr. McCallum is regarded by most in the martial arts world to be the best all-time competitor in both Point and Full Contact Karate.

Robert & Toni began their training under the legendary Grandmaster J. Pat Burleson and achieved the rank of Red Belt in American Karate under him.  Wishing to advance their knowledge and to expand their area of study, they moved on to train with Grandmaster McCallum in the art of Tae Kwon Do and both hold high level black belts under Mr. McCallum.

Our instructors have been blessed to train in a multitude of styles and systems under some of the most sought after martial artists in the World.  It is that wealth of training that gave birth to their school and their style that has blown the competition away!!

Robert & Toni have three sons and the youngest two have been in Karate alongside Mom and Dad since they could walk.  Both sons, Jared and Levi have amassed numerous championships and titles.  The Yount's are a true Karate Family with the tools to teach you their winning ways.


The Olympic Karate Academy is a proud member school with The National Karate-Do  Federation. We offer the absolute best kids martial arts in Burleson, TX and surrounding area.  We are the only martial arts studio in Burleson that is recognized by this Internationally known and respected organization.  

The best Martial Arts Studio in Burleson has Instructors that Match