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Team O.K.A. Competes at the Battle of the Best!

August 6, 2016

Our students recently competed in Adrian Galvan's 11th annual battle of the best and did great!

Jared Yount placed 1st in WKF Kumite, 3rd in PKC Kumite, & 3rd in PKC Kata.  Levi Yount placed 1st in PKC Kumite, 3rd in WKF Kumite, and 3rd in PKC Kata.  Sierra Baker took 1st in PKC Kata, and 2nd in WKF Kumite.  Nicolas Morales placed 4th in PKC Kumite.  Emmanual Mora fought in the Advanced Division as an intermediate fighter and did outstanding.  

We are so proud of all of our competitors and look forward to the next competition!  Well Done Team!

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Karate is in the Olympic Games. The 129th Session of the International Olympic Committee being held in Rio de Janeiro has decided to incorporate the sport of Karate in the programme of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. This decision represents an outstanding and ground-breaking moment for this ancient discipline. 

The hopes and dreams of millions of Karatekas around the world came true today. After hundreds of years of history of this sport, and following many years of hard work by the WKF, the Karate family has finally fulfilled their dream of seeing this discipline in the Olympic Games. This will be accomplished precisely in Tokyo, the capital city of the birth nation of the sport.

In its press release, IOC described the decision as “the most comprehensive evolution of the Olympic programme in modern history”. 

Team O.k.a. competes at The Texas Open Karate-do championships

September 24, 2016

Team O.K.A. did well today at The Central Texas Open Karate Do Championships in Killeen, TX. We took 4 students and competed in 5 events and medaled in all five. Jared Yount took 1st in Kumite, Nicolas Morales took 2nd in Kumite, Levi Yount took 2nd in Kumite, and Sierra Baker took 2nd in Kumite and 1st in Kata.  O.K.A. couldn't be prouder of all of our competitors as we continue to grow in numbers and in experience.  Great Job by All!!!