"Winning is what we do"

Robert and Toni made our boys champions. Not a belt factory. Loved the years we spent there but unfortunately, we had to move from the area and could not find anywhere even comparable. Class A on all levels with this school. Good , good people not out to scam you and truly care for your children.  Charmin Trammell

Last evening I had the pleasure of attending a belt testing program at Olympic Karate. I need to tell you I was not only impressed with the students but once again Robert and Toni showed off their skills as instructors. For anyone reading this who have young ones, you should get them enrolled in their classes. Both Robert and Toni are the best. Their professionalism really shows with the success with their students. I am so happy my granddaughter attends. Wouldn't have her go anywhere else. Thanks Toni & Robert !!!   William Leffingwell

Olympic Karate Academy of Burleson Karate instruction Second To None

It is amazing there they are nice and they do their best to teach you defense and kata. I would never go anywhere other than there.  Jack Baker

The instructors, curriculum, students, are of the highest quality, skill set, commitment, and character. What more would parents want and expect from their child learning martial arts?  Internationally Recognized Martial Artist, Poet, and Motivational Speaker, Grandmaster Mike Stone

I have known Robert and Toni for many years. Not only are they excellent parents they are wonderful instructors. I would highly recommend them.

Christa Weatherby 

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Great place to learn martial arts. This martial arts school will give you exposure to competition at the highest level. They are open to cross-training with other dojos & instructors to help better their own students! There is only so many high-quality martial arts schools out there now a days & this is one of them!  Team USA Karate Athlete Master Adrian Galvan

The Yount's are wonderful people and excellent instructors who produce outstanding martial artists. You'll find none better! Master Marian Kirby

We recently moved to Burleson, TX and were fortunate enough to learn of Olmpic Karate Academy through other parents. We enrolled our son, who is super timid in public settings - but after several weeks with Robert and Toni, he not only has come out of his "shell" but truly enjoys karate. We have been really impressed with how much he has learned. It is not surprising though because the instructors, Robert and Toni Yount are great instructors who truly cares about teaching and making sure he learns & understands. Besides learning karate, our son is learning great life lessons about discipline, integrity, respect, and work ethics.  Hmong Nguyen

I trained in and taught karate for 46 years, so I pretty well know good karate from bad. This school teaches the best karate in the country. Their training is on the Olympic level, and will hopefully be sending a couple of the students to the 2020 Olympics. Karate taught correctly teaches so much more just self-defense. Students also learn self-respect and respect for others, self-confidence, coordination, strength and conditioning, and so much more. I highly recommend this school. Pioneer of Women's Martial Arts Charolotte Emerson

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


Love the attention to detail and dedication to making sure the student understands. No student is left out. if you want to learn, these instructors will make sure that you do and that you thrive.  ​Catherine Johns